With good mobile patient lifts the hospitals and elderly homes can more easily transport people who need it the most to maintain proper hygiene. Through them, the institutions ensure that the standards can be held without sacrificing the health and well being of both caretakers, nurses, patients and elderly in the process. Through the easy use of mobile patient lifts, the hospitals and elderly homes can move those that need it the most to showers so people can be scrubbed clean from all the filth and germs that might otherwise be a risk for patients and elderly. It also prevents backs of the caretakers and nurses from potential damage from lifting heavy bodies whom else would otherwise have to either take time off or quit entirely to recover. And as such, you'll often see equipment like that used along with other hygiene related ones.

Where do they come from?

So where do these institutions get these mobile patient lifts? Generally, they are bought directly from a manufacturer such as TR Equipment whom specializes in making patient hygiene equipment which, of course, holds a high quality standard to ensure that the important issue of health and hygiene can be dealt with properly.  Along with the patient lifts they also manufacture shower trolleys, shower chairs, stainless steel baths specifically for burn victims as well as stretchers. TR Equipment focuses on safety and simplicity with their products, as well as making them functional and with a low cost of ownership.​